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What does Maxup mean?
It is a loyal programe that gives you points after purchasing from our store or by sending your link to your family and friends. You can use these points and replace your points with products that appears in the Maxup page.

How could you be a member of Maxup program? You can be a member in our Maxup program by signing in our website or application.

How to increase you points in Maxup?

too many ways to increase your points in Maxup
Register through website or application gives you 30 points
Rating and reviews for any product that you bought gives you 5 points
For each purchase that you made gives you 10% of your order as a point in your Maxup program
If you share your link to your family and friends and if they made a first order through your link. It will give you 75 points.

How to send invitation through Maxup link
By clicking on [maxup page] and copy your link then send it to your family and friend.

You can get 75 points for each one who clicks on the link and complete their first order through your link.
Your friends will get 10 points after completed their first order and 30 points for registration.

How to redeem your Points?
By clicking on the product that appears in the mixup page and purchase it with your point.
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